Rob Harris

ETC Consultancy - Rob HarrisWith nearly 40 years experience in the manufacturing and service industries Rob brings a wealth of experience to the ETC Consultanty team.

As a professional engineer and metallurgist Rob has been involved with a range of organisations from the traditional metal bashing companies through to high specification automotive technologies and as the traditional industries of the West Midlands have declined, Robs focus has move to softer services and specialises in working with facilities management organisations.

Rob has successfully guided several large UK facilities management companies through quality, environmental, security and health & safety accreditations. Rob is a Member if the Institute of quality assurance and has lead auditor qualifications across several disciplines.

Rob comments “When we talk to our customers to establish their requirements we can quite quickly determine what they need.  Invariably the end objective is credibility. Whether it is a straight forward surveillance audit or a full management system, the outcome of our process will always be a professional and positive achievement. We then determine where the customer is with their systems and processes, and from that plan a program of development to achieve success, a pathway to credibility”