Mike Pagan

ETC Consultancy - Mike PaganMike is renowned for making business simple!

When business is simple, it is so much more fun and profitable!  Mike challenges executives and business owners alike to get rid of the worst to make way for the good, whether it’s clients, products, marketing campaigns, or anything else that’s getting in the way of productive activity.

Mike has spent nearly 20 years in sales and marketing in both the corporate and SME sectors, working in the UK and internationally.  Today, he is an inspiring public speaker as well as a true B2B professional, his broad experience, strong leadership skills and commitment to his own professional development have all contributed to his winning contracts in the leisure and hotel markets, through to consultancy and professional services, not to mention his many speaking engagements.

A clear thread runs through everything Mike does – getting rid of badly performing activities and ensuring that whatever he does in his own business or on behalf of others is a significant contributor. In one case, he brought a client’s spiralling marketing costs under control and cut them in half, while increasing sales. In another case, he fired one in five customers through a proper vetting process and increased the profits from the rest. Mike applies the same searing logic to his choice of business partners.

ETC is therefore proud to join the Directors Centre, the Academy for Chief Executives and Vistage as one of his strategic partners, and delighted to have him join our team of associates.