David Nurse

David Nurse - Business ConsultantDavid is a very experienced public speaker and business coach. He brings to the team more than 24 years’ worth of experience of helping both SME’s and larger organisations improve their profitability.

Whilst he has worked with a variety of companies, David specialises in the manufacturing and logistics industries, including courier and overnight parcel firms.

Some of the areas David covers, both in his talks and coaching, include process improvement, effective team working, communication and more.

A passion for helping others realise their goals is what drives David on.

Two of his most recent accomplishments include helping 158 people establish new businesses within the Midlands region as part of a team of experts, and supporting a team of nine students on a design and manufacturing project that resulted in the group being presented with the Regional Award for Young People.

He offers inspirational and motivational talks to businesspeople and their organisations and his continuing desire is to help owners of micro and small to medium enterprises reach both their business and personal ambitions.