8 ways to manage cash flow

Managing your cash flow will help keep your business afloat and even become more profitable. But how do you do it effectively? In my previous post, I explained how focusing on cash flow rather than profit is more important in a small business. Essentially, a P&L won’t tell you what’s […] Read more »

Why cash flow management is critical

Without cash, wages won’t get paid, suppliers won’t supply and your business won’t run. For a small business, cash is king. Managing cash flow On a day to day basis, small businesses should be managed according to cash flow and not the P&L. I’ve been into so many businesses that […] Read more »

Does your business need a marketing calendar?

Yes, is the answer! Whether you trade as business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B), you absolutely need a marketing calendar. What is a marketing calendar? A marketing calendar is way of organising your marketing activity throughout the year. It doesn’t need to be fancy, an excel spreadsheet is perfect, allowing […] Read more »

The B2B marketing calendar

As a business to business (B2B) company, a marketing calendar is essential for the effective delivery of your marketing strategy. What is a B2B marketing calendar? In my previous post, I explained that a marketing calendar is way of organising your marketing activity throughout the year. It doesn’t need to be fancy, an […] Read more »

6 ways to achieve business goals

So you’ve got the goal in mind, how will you score it? In my last blog, I explained why having a goal is central to your overall well-being and the steps needed to getting the right goal. You can read that detail here if you missed it. In this blog, I’m […] Read more »

3 tips to effective goal setting

Many of us are back to work following a well earned festive break. I always claim that a holiday is great to focus the mind and bring new motivation. Hopefully you’re experiencing this now, with plans for change or improvement both in your personal and business lives. What’s less common though, is the […] Read more »

Plan and prepare for 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, have you got your plan for the New Year? Here are my top tips to get 2018 off to a flying start. Set your goals If you haven’t yet set goals, set aside some time at the beginning of January to plan and prepare them. […] Read more »

Brexit and the small business

Theresa May says we’re on course to deliver Brexit and negotiations between the UK and EU leaders continue. Having been at the ‘cold front’ over the last 18 months with business owners, I’m giving my perspective on Brexit and the small business. In short, I believe that Brexit won’t negatively impact the […] Read more »

Business growth: 4 forgotten resources

When talking to my clients about their business growth, I’m always trying to get them to think outside of the box. It’s very easy to become all consumed within the business, almost blinkered to what’s going on outside. However not taking time to look around us could be costly. There are many resources in […] Read more »