Doug started in management consulting after many years in senior management with international companies.

Doug is the founder and Managing Director of Executive Training and Consultancy Limited. Since starting his business in management consulting eight years ago, Doug has helped more than 70 different companies across a variety of sectors in the UK and Europe.  His tailored consultancy packages range from short-term project work to full 3-year company growth programmes, depending on the needs of each client.

Prior to setting up ETC, Doug worked with Burns International Security Services, a multi-billion dollar global security company formerly part of the Borg Warner Group which included companies such as Wells Fargo Armoured, Wells Fargo Guarding and Pony Express to name a few. In the mid 90s, operating as Borg Warner Protective Services PLC, their annual turnover was in excess of $8 billion.

During his time with Burns, working within the manned guarding security sector, Doug built on his experience dealing with the core issues faced by any corporate body, large or small, such as employee training, team management, HR, logistics, sales development, sales management and customer service.

In January 1996, Doug was handed responsibility for running the Midlands region of Burns International Security.  It was a failing region, turning over only £800,000 per annum, which made it unprofitable. Within six months, Doug’s input had started to turn the business around.  Within four years, it had reached an annual turnover of £5 million.

One of the key factors to Doug’s success in consultancy, alongside his vast working knowledge of business operations, is his ability to talk openly and honestly with business owners, senior managers and directors to establish what help is required to improve their business.  As an independent observer, he can identify ways of developing their management skills, and improving the operational delivery of their product or service, to achieve tangible results.

Doug is also an accomplished trainer of senior managers from around the world, working in conjunction with Kingsway English Centre to provide one-to-one management training that enables them to work in and with UK-based companies. This training can incorporate anything from identifying cultural differences which will help them manage UK workforces, to understanding UK business legislation and human resources issues.